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28th March 1970

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IPC Magazines

Died 29th Feb 1975

We know very little about this comic/magazine from the early 70s, which is not surprising as there were quite a few of this genre published in that decade.

One point that warrants a mention is that it incorporated 'Treasure' possibly around issue 69.

The contents consisted of science and technology, history and geographical information, with a long running serial and quizzes.

We know it ran for 258 issues from 28th March 1970 to 29th February 1975.

At some stage world of Wonder also incorperated "Look and Learn", which was similar. The best thing about the comic was the serial "The Trigan Empire" which was drawn by Don Lawrence.

.....I'm wrong, "Look and Learn" ate "World of Wonder". - Richard Jenkins

It was another attempt to "educate" kids. Gawd, we had enough of that at school! All we wanted to read after lessons were comics! - Lew Stringer

Just wanted to add my two cents to the comments on your site about "World of Wonder." I inheirited a whole shitload - probably at least 100 of them - from the son of a family friend. I was about 8 years old at the time and thought they were first-rate. I had NO problem with the fact they were educational. Each page was liberally covered with great illustrations, there was serialized kids' lit in them, all kinds of interesting historical tidbits, puzzles etc. In WoW, I first heard of Kaspar Hauser, I first read about Spring Heeled Jack, all kinds of exciting and mysterious phenomena. To this day (I'm 38 now) I regret losing those marvellous magazines. I think they were a great influence on me. I gotta say seeing some of those WoW illustrations on your website brought a whole flood of fond memeories back. - Best, Nick Van der Graaf, Toronto, Canada

'Tell Me Why' became 'World of Wonder'; re-launched as a smaller format, much more accessible magazine. 'World of Wonder' was later taken over by 'Look and Learn'. 'Treasure' was incorporated into WoW. I have an almost complete collection in my attic! (I think I am missing two copies). Quality is poor, especially of the early numbers. And it was fun reading - more so than many of the comics, although the quality fell away with time. (I have some old tell Me Why, Look & Learn and Treasure, but these are incomplete. I should have the Tell Me Why before the launch of WoW.)

I'm attaching some scans - I apologise for the quality. These are the 1st and last issues of World of Wonder. I note that WoW #257 ends with some uncompleted serials. IPC really did pull the plug! We just had a lerter stating that because of falling demand it was being dicontinued. We may have had a refund of our subscription. I was living in Nigeria, so we had it on annual subscription, posted - and we had the space to store it. When we left Nigeria they liven in a storage box in a garden shed, then in an attic - hence their preservation. Had they been taking up shelf space they would probably have gone into a bin. Now they survive because of their age! I am also provdiing a scan of the last Tell Me Why, plus the advert in it that WoW would be taking over. Tell Me Why is too large for my scanner (both length & width), so I am giving you what I can.

The scans sent in by Jeremy are on the Bibliography page.

World of Wonder was good - it provided good source material for school projects, used by me and various school friends. Some pages were cut up to provide pictures for these projects. Tell Me Why left me unimpressed - bought by my parents, so I had to pretend to read it. but it was dull. then World of Wonder arrived, much better use of graphics, snappier text - and that is when my interest in reading took off. At last I had something that interested me! At my age it was the material on battles, plus the back-page science-fiction story. Not as good as The Trigan Empire (Look & Learn), but not bad.

Going through the issues even now they haven't dated as much as the Tell Me Why and Treasures - battered, and perhaps more use of illustrations, rather than pictures, and large bodies of text, rather than heavy use of pull-outs.

Looking at the credits, World of Wonder was IPC-licensed from a Dutch company, and possibly translated into English - although some of the material seemed Anglo-centric, so there may have been a mixture of translated material and locally-sourced material.

I can remember Look & Learn being relaunched in the mid- to late-1970s, and attempts in the 1980s at this genre of childern's magazine - we tried to get something for my sister. But I think the time has gone - too strongly didactic for my sister in the 1980s, never mind nephews now! Best regards, Jeremy

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