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You have to admire your average Warlord reader, I mean no disrespect to readers of Beano and the like but they had plastic wallets and furry badges to aspire to whereas your Warlord reader was enlisted as a secret agent by Lord Peter Flint and could dream of a fingerprint kit, a heliograph, a secret agent stamp or even the adventure kit including such delights as a camera, binoculars and a water bottle.

While Beano shamelessly plugged Dennis and Gnasher T- shirts on every page Lord Peter Flint taught his agents a secret language which I can well imagine infuriating many an uninitiated child. No sham of a club was this, the agents had to compile dossiers on the enemy and they had to be completed punctually and maintained as Lord Peter could call for them to be submitted in the event of a national emergency.

It was every little boys dream and they entered into the whole thing with great gusto as did Lord Peter. Here he is speaking to his lads in issue 254.

Hello again chaps,

Fraid the news I have for you this week isnt very good! I received a letter from the leader of an anti-Warlord group informing me that his organisation had taken over control of two warlord HQs. He ended his letter by warning me that they are intending to attack two more HQs within the next couple of days. So Im warning you all now to tighten up your security! Who knows? It could be you!

Fantastic stuff I think youll agree.

You may think that all this training produced a bunch of no-hopers living in a fantasy world but that is far from the truth, they are resourceful, gutsy and confident. In one issue a secret agent claims to have been kidnapped by the Gestapo who are demanding 1.00 to release him, which is coincidentally the amount paid for each letter printed. Lord Peter, a loyal leader, paid the ransom to release the entrepreneurial child. Jill Munro had the confidence to write claiming that the comic was sexist, I am afraid that even you, King of all British agents are prejudiced against us-the female race! Can you imagine a Beano reader standing up for womens rights in 1979? Another reader, Derek McTaggart from Edinburgh, calmly recounted finding a prowler in the middle of the night outside his little sisters room. He calmly informed his Father who overpowered the man while Derek called the Police. He was amply rewarded for his bravery with a Pocket flashlight and a radio.

When the history books are written the truly influential people of recent years will turn out to have read comics like Warlord whereas those Beano readers who all identify with Dennis The Menace will turn out to be nothing more than those they and he love to mock; a bunch of softies. - 26pigs

I had a letter printed in issue 44 (I think it was 44) which won me a Warlord Secret agent rubber stamp! - Sean Conran

Here it is Sean:

Dear Lord Peter,
As an extra precaution for all Warlord Agents sending messages, I have a method of coding the coded message. Take the message "KINGPIN CALLING".
Now write it down like this -

K  N  P  N  A  L  N
  I  G  I  C   L  I  G

Now write the bottom line at the end of the top line- KNPNALNIGICLIG. Now split into any number of small groups e.g. KN PNAL NIG ICLIG. Finally convert into letter code one or one of the others. To decode simply reverse the process. - 26pigs


Well drawn and with very good features Warlord also gave away some pretty nifty presents from die cast grenade medalions to miniature diecast pistol replicas keyrings.

I would have to say I always like the airwar stories such as Killer Kane and Havoc Squadron because of the high standard of detail in the artistry showing aircraft like the F15, 16 and 14 in action as well as assorted Russion Aircraft (no difficulty in guessing who Asianbloc were supposed to be?).

Other favouritEs would have been Iron Annie, Kampfgruppe Falken- (any idea who the artist was?) and UJJ. Warlord also had some very good features such as "You are there!" which would be generally on the back page of each copy detailing photos from such battles as Iwo Jima, Leyte Gulf, The battle of Britain and the sinking of the Bismarck.
The older editions were probably the best, I can't say I was very impressed with some of the later editions that had very poor coloring (Purple seemed to get a lot of usage yuch )and artistry seemed to have gone out the window at the later stages of it's life.

I have to say I did'nt realise it was as early as 1986 that it finished I was always under the impression it was in circulation a lot longer or perhaps that was only the annuals?

Any reasons given for it's demise? Commercial I presume? - Phil Cahill

I was in the Fireball club and remember having a code book that you were supposed to use to decipher messages in the comic each week. It didn't take long to realise that the messages were rather boring and not worth the effort of decoding. As to Fireball being Lord Peter Flint's uncle - that's supposed to be a secret! - Mark Jones

Just as a random fact-dump, I distinctly remember an abortive Falklands War strip in the early-80s version of 'Warlord'. I think it lasted longer than the actual war and, looking back, I'm surprised that my mum didn't think I was a psychotic loner. God knows what they were thinking; presumably they were getting bored with writing about World War 2 all the time. - Ashley Pomeroy

I recall my favourite 'Warlord' strip was about a ghost or phantom spitfire that came out of the sun every know and again during a dogfight to save the day during the Battle Of Britain - anyone know what this strip was called and when it appeared ? Cheers for a great site. - Mark Jarvis

Mark Jarvis,The story to which you refer was called The Phantom Flyer. This was a favourite of mine also. Alas it was only a short series, with a deliberate beginning, middle and end. I remember it was excellently drawn and had a poignant conclusion. Unfortunately I cant remember when the story came out. Can anyone shed more light on when this forgotten gem was published? - John Lynch

Hi there, my all time favourite story in warlord by a lightyear was Kampfgruppe Falken. I loved the characters, the art and the gritty realistic stories. I still have some warlords with this great story in my possession but I want the complete collection. - Smeggyangus

As a kid growing up in Ireland in the 1980's, Friday afternoons couldn't come around kwik enough for that was when my dad brought Warlord home.

2 especially memorable strips were "Sergeant Rayker" and "The Best Of Enemies".

Rayker was a black US infantryman who got into as many scrapes with his ignorant colleagues as he did with the germans - he seemed to have considerable difficulty blending in undercover in 1940's caucasian Europe so seemed mostly to opt for storming pillboxes in the Rhine with his grease gun blazing away.

"The Best Of Enemies" is a bit hazy but I recall it basically had a cracking storyline - it seemed to be about two guys (from opposing sides) who ended up fighting together against a common enemy. One blamed the other for killing some of his friends after a cease fire had been called and they always seemed on the verge of shooting each other - until one day it transpired that one of their watches was running far too slow and so their killing spree during the ceasefire many months before had been a tragic mistake. Can anyone put me out of my misery and elaborate further?

I also remember Union Jack Jackson had 2 sidekicks (O'Bannion & Sergeant Lonnegan, the latter of which always had a chewed cigar in his mush and called grenades "pineapples"?) Happy days! - Amreen

Hi, I have just discovered the site and am very pleased to have done so. Not been very technically minded it had not occurred to me to look for a site such as this one before, although I am a great fan of UK comics, particularly the Victor and Warlord annuals. I have spent many years enjoying hunting around any secondhand bookstalls or markets i came across, looking for the elusive few to finish off my collections. I have over the years even purchased 2 copies of certain ones, which I am now pleased I will probably have the opportunity to pass to other keen Victor/Warlord fans, who also are probably looking for the elusive few too to finish off their collections as well.

I like the Library section very much, and was delighted to read the information you provided along with the e-mails from fellow Warlord/Victor fans. Phil Cahill's question about why it finished has also puzzled me. My belief is that war stories seemed to have lost their appeal to many kids in the later 1980's and 1990's (difficult I know for us war story fans to believe). There seems to be a big shift towards sports stories, computers etc, and where as the Victor Annuals could incorporate this demand, and it is seen clearly in the move away from fighting scenes to football ones on the front cover for the first time, it would have been more than a little difficult to achieve this with 'The Warlord'. It was a real shame, but perhaps there just weren't enough of us real fans to maintain it, as Phil Cahill suggests.

Regards best Warlord stories - no contest Kampfgruppe Falken, and Iron Annie/Fighting Condor hands down - did you notice however, how they almost never fought against the British in the stories, and when they did, the British never seemed to do quite as badly as they would have done had they been possibly Russian?! - Sir Tristram

Hello There, A friend of mine and myself approached D C Thomson a couple of years ago enquiring about the possibility of republishing Warlord, as this site proves there are quite a few 'thirty somethings' like us who remember the comic and the antics of good old Lord Peter Flint and the various characters. We sent a couple of stories up to D C Thomson's head office in Glasgow ,based on new characters inspired by the originals,as we were told the old classics such as Union Jack Jackson and Killer Kane had copyright we could not use at that present time.

One story that comes to mind we created is 'Captain McCormacks Drum' about a 500 year old scots army drum that has mysterious magical powers when carried into battle by a descendant of the McCormack clan in their time of need during a battle. After many positive phone calls and the posting of a batch of our proposed storylines it came to nothing needless to say,mind you it would be hard to even match the standard of the original writers and storyboard artists.I am now scriptwriting for a living.

I still keep a collection of old Warlord annuals,which I occaisionally dig out on a rainy day (when my girlfriends out I might add ! )they take me right back to the carefree days of the 1970s and a great childhood! - Richard Foddering

The Best of Enemies - I don't remember much more about the plot than Amreen, but I do recall that it was set during the Korean War. One soldier was British and the other was German (but now serving in the French Foreign Legion).

The Falklands War strip that Ashley Pomeroy remembers was a third series of Holocaust Squadron (but may have changed its name). It was set on a Japanese aircraft carrier on which an international squadron of Sea Harrier pilots was based. The ships commander kept sending the Japanese pilots on Harrier Kamikaze missions. It was a shameful rip off of the Falklands War and disappointing spin off from the excellent World War Three based Holocaust Squadron.

My other favourites were always Big Willi and Kampfgruppe Falken. Any chance that these are published somewhere in book format? - Jon Armstrong

I live in the US now and grew into Marvel comics but I shall never forget my early comic experiences in the UK and amongst them being a member of the Fireball club. I was always fascinated by the daily regimen Peter Flint put Fireball through as explained to club members. Also I loved the famous cards with the final line "Only tough jobs accepted!" - J

This is a really, really long shot. I won the Warlord letter's page Star Letter one week (my guess is early publication, within year 1- 1974 ?) and won a massive Airfix Messershmitt 109 plane as a result. Name printed was Andrew McCarthy, Glasgow. I'm trying to track a copy down for my kids. Could anyone help with the edition number ? I appreciate that a good Samaritan is required here. Hope someone can help - Andy

Hello Guys, it's a long shot but has anyone got a secret wallet for sale or know where I can get one, would love to buy one for my partner as a present he's going on a scary tour with the RAF (Been in since he was 16 - inspired by warlord as a boy) I would love to give him the wallet as a tour pressie - to keep him safe. Your mission is to please help if you can. - Jo Garner

If you have any other information on Warlord please drop us a line. Drop us a line.




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