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The Scottish edition of Vulcan was the first to appear on March 1st 1975 and ran for 30 unnumbered issues before it was published nationwide on September 27th of that year.

The national edition ran for 28 issues before joining Valiant on April 10th 1976.

Each edition of Vulcan had 3 full colour comic strips plus a number of black and white.

It's worth noting that Vulcan was an all-reprint comic. The Spider was from Lion, Steel Claw, Kelly's Eye and Mytek were from Valiant, Trigan Empire from Ranger/Look and Learn, Sabre was from Tiger, etc. (The Robot Archie strips were European redrawn versions of old Lion scripts). Even so, it was great to see Fleetway's finest heroes under one roof so to speak, and printed on glossy paper too! -
Lew Stringer

Just a note for completists out there;while VULCAN was going in the UK a VERY popular German version called KOBRA was on sale and had distribution in Germany,Netherlands and Belgium,etc.. - Terry HOOPER (Black Tower CG)

On the merger with Valiant, all that became of Vulcan were four black and white pull out and fold over comics finishing certain stories from the main comic itself. - Doug Potter

Trigan Empire, regarded as the best drawn science fiction strip apart from Dan Dare, was drawn by Don Lawrence and has apperared in Ranger, Look and Learn and Vulcan. I believe that like the Dan Dare strips Trigan Empire was reprinted in book form.- Clive Huggett

A local collector here says that the National Vulcans took over where the Scottish ones left off in terms of reprinting Trigan Empire. Apparently the Scottish ones are as rare as hen's teeth - I know someone in Scotland who only has about four, and someone here who only has about 10, and they are both pretty fanatical. Let me know if you get any - I think they would be worth getting! Mind you, I'm after them simply for completionism's sake as the stories they reprint are all reprinted elsewhere (ie. the Trigan Empire books, plus I have 39 of the 40 original Rangers and most of the original Look and Learns). The Trigan Empire books come up pretty regularly on Ebay and aren't all that expensive; the real rarity is the 1968 Look and Learn Ranger Book for Boys which has a Trigan Empire story drawn by Ron Embleton. I did find one example on the Net, but it has a spine detached and taped back on! - Daniel (Australia)

Just a note to mention that there was one Vulcan Summer special and one Annual published by IPC, will look out the dates. The annual, unusually for IPC was a paperback cover. Around the same time, about 1977, Hamlyn, brought out a massive hardcover Trigan Empire hardcover, which had heavy stock pages in full colour and covered the first 10 or so Trigan Empire stories. - Colin Naylor

Just to note that Vulcan initially retailed at 7p per issue. Price increased to 8p per issue as from issue dated 27th September 1975, this would correlate with the comic going national. Also of note is that this issue was also the 1st to have itís price expressed in the currencies of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Rhodesia and Malaysia. I loved this comic having got it from issue one on 1st March 1975. I stopped getting it after the 1st tie in with Valiant. The early issues had interesting facts printed at the top of each page, on the early issues these were predominantly Scottish themed, later becoming more general. The last issue to have such interesting trivia was issue of 6th September 1975. The Robot Archie story which started in issue of 5th April 1975 was set in the future where earth had been taken over by Robots and itís cities had become overgrown with tropical jungles. The location of the story was Glasgow. Not sure whether this was the case in the original comic strip or whether Vulcan simply changed the location to reflect that the comic was Scottish. Iíve still got all the issues Ė well read probably best describes them! - Alan (Linlithgow)

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