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DIED - 1984

Captain Hurricane

Captain Hercules Hurricane first appeared in Valiant #1 - 6th October 1962 - as leader of a crack team of Royal Marine Commandos. His colossal strength frequently proved invaluable to his men.

Hurricane and his 'pint sized batman' Maggot Malone distinguished themselves in action throughout the Second World War.

Adam Eterno

Through the weird, whirling maelstrom of time and space hurtled Adam Eterno - The Man-Who-Would-Not-Die .... cursed to live forever unless struck a fatal blow with a weapon made of solid gold.

Adam graced the pages of Valiant comic and Lion Annual.

Click on the image for more of the 'Hound from Hell'.

Billy Bunter

Known as the 'Plump Chump' or the ' Heavyweight Chump of Greyfriars', Billy was a regular feature in Valiant throughout it's life span.

Usually the story would start by him getting into trouble for eating food or because he was unable to afford to eat, but by the end, normally through no fault of his own he would save the day and be rewarded with food. Not rice pudding though !


Kelly's Eye

"Tim Kelly - owner of the amazing, Life-preserving Eye of Zoltec - and his scientist friend Dr.Diamond, were travelling through time in a fabulous time-clock. Having wandered for so long through the endless wastes of the Universe, Tim was now hoping that Dr. Diamond would succeed in steering the clock back to 20th Century Earth ..."

Click on the image for an extract of Kelly's adventures in Coroba, South America. [102K]

Other Characters and Stories

The House of Dolmann - A puppeteer named Dolmann had secretly created an army of mechanical warriors to fight crime and combat Great Britian's enemies.

"Dolmann out of interest was going to be Dollman, but there already existed a Dollman in American comics, an eight inch high crime fighter.
Dolmann had a retail shop in London in the East End, he was a puppeteer from a family of Puppeteers who had been based in London for years.
His earliest case I remember was started in New Scotland Yard and the top six detectives of the country talking around a table in shadows, a series of blags had happened, jewel thefts, but all the M.O. holders were in Prison so who was committing the crimes" - Brenda Olford


The Steel Claw - Following a ray machine accident, Louis Crandell discovered that an electric shock made him invisible except for his articicial steel hand. His uncanny powers, and the hidden weapons built into his steel claw made him a formidable agent of the Shadow Squad of the British Secret Service.

"The Steel Claw was not a remote control hand, it was an artificial hand, the man that wore it when he charged his body with a large electrical charge would be rendered bar the claw into invisibility. He later wore a chain mail suit so he could remain invisible for a longer period, at this stage his day job was as a Taxi driver, which gave him the opportunity to shadow people in a ubiquitous London vehicle. The claw housed many James Bond type of devices, a gun, radio etc. The concept was taken to America by Jim Steranko who transformed the character into Spy Hand, his artificial hand though was not steel but transparent plastic." - Brenda Olford

The Wild Wonders - Because of their arduous life on bleak Worrag Island in the Hebrides, Rick and Charlie Wild had developed into super athletes.

The Incredible Adventures of Janus Stark - The incredible Janus Stark was a master escapologist in Victorian England who devoted much of his time to earning money for deserving charities.

Raven on the Wing - Raven, the amazing young gipsy footballing star of First Division Highboro' United.

Jack o' Justice - Jack o' Justice and Moll Moonlight were on the trail of "The Cat".

"Jack O' Justice had a twentieth Century counterpart, as did Moll Moonlight, he was Jack Justice, I forget th name of the girl-Friday.

I forget which comic it was but ITV made a TV series of an old comic character Sexton Blake and his stories were re-released, I think it was him that lived in an old Fire-Station, an American future author got so blown away with this idea he gave his character Spencer the self-same thing.  The late actor Robert Ulrich played him on the TV, and Avery Brooks played his hardman off on partner, sometimes they were rivals.  Brooks went on to play: Captain Benjamin Sisko of Deep Space Nine."
  -  Brenda Olford

Twelve Guilty Men - Police Sargeant Rod Marsden was framed by a vast underworld organisation known as Crime Incorporated, and sent to prison. He escaped, with another convict named Pat Murphy, and set out to hunt down the twelve members of the gang one by one with the aid of Pat and an amazing car, 'The Thunderstreak'.

Mytek the Mighty - Gogra, master of Mytek, the huge mechanical ape, forced some men to build a gigantic robot in a cavern under the Mediterranean, but the monster collapsed. He set out to capture Professor Boyce, the creator of Mytek, who could repair the fault and he took all his hostages with him.

Comic Strips

The Nutts
Sporty - by Reg Wootton
The Crows
Tatty-Mane - King of the Jungle
Brian Drayne - The Army's secret weapon
The Swots and the Blots
Tubby - The all round sportsman.
Mickey the Mimic - "I'll imitate anything for a laugh."
It's a Dog's Life
"Gabby" McGlew - His yarns aren't true!



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