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There is a marked difference in the price today of TV Comic, issues with the Dr.Who storyline in are marked up at least 500%.

Dr.Who first appeared in issue 674 which came out in the early sixties and appeared on and off in original storylines and reprints until the comics sad demise in 1984.

The UK-published, weekly, TV Comic featured The Avengers as a one or two page strip for several years; beginning with issue number 720 for the week ending 2nd October 1965, which was just over a month after Emma Peel had debuted in the London and Scottish regions. - Mike Noon

Check out Mike's extremely comprehensive 'The Avengers' site.

I remember a story which I think was called "commissionaire" which was about a commissionaire outside TV studios somewhere in London and his endless battle to stop three children gaining entry to the studios to meet the stars of the day who were caricatured in the usual fashion.

The Commissionaire had a curly waxed style moustache and pointed boots with which he would boot the children away with imagine that appearing today!). Needless to say he always came of worst. - Andy

The comic-strip in question was called "TV Terrors" and the commisionaire was called Hoppit. I can't recall the names of the children off of the top of my head. - Alastair.

Just to let you know that I was the last editor of TV Comic, from May 1983 until its demise in June 1984 due to falling sales. I have been working since 1980 as a newspaper reporter, design sub-editor and internet content producer but some of my happiest days were with the staff of Polystyle Publications in that year. - John Lynott

My fondest memory of TV Comic from the mid - 60s was 'Mighty Moth'. This strip alone kept me buying the comic for quite some time, although Dr Who did run it a close second! (Does my memory serve me correctly, but didn't Ken Dodd's Diddymen appear on the cover around about that time?) - Andrew Hall

Although Dutch, my earliest memories go back to the mid 60's when I was just 8 years old. I found a pile (about 40 issues) of TV Comic of many different years near a TRASHBIN ! I could't read English by then of course, but I remember because some of them also contained the Dutch character called 'Tom Puss' I don't read anything about here. ( Due to several movings however I only have three left (nrs.10, 12 and 15, 1952). Anybody who knows the where abouts of these (old) issues with the Tom Puss story?) - Erik, Holland

For about a year (1978-?) I illustrated a colour comic strip called "The Incredible Bulk" about a weedy Schoolkid who could turn into a bumbling cretinus monster when provoked. The Editor for Polystyle at the time was Robin Tucheck....they were good times. Steve Maher

I started buying TV Comic when I found out it was running "Battle of the Planets" an Americanised syndicated version of the Japanese cartoon, "Gatchaman." BOTP was hugely popular in the 1980s and it is now enjoying a revival with DVDs, statuettes and an upcoming comic book, which I've already put my name down for.

Apparently I was the only one in the fandom who knew anything about the TV Comic version of BOTP. Now I have duly informed the other fans, and the issues with BOTP are becoming sought after. Feedback comments find the strip "very British" and the quality relatively poor, although there are some laughs. Towards the end I had a good mind to give the strip away because the stories were getting so schlocky they made me want to scream. In one story our heroes visit an alien planet which is living in - THE VICTORIAN AGE?!? So I was relieved when the strip finally ended.

The TV Comic version of BOTP borrowed heavily from another BOTP comic run published by Whitman comics. Definitely the same mistakes crept into the TV Comic version and then some, but at least they corrected the artistic mistakes once BOTP returned to the BBC. - Briony Coote

I was a reader of TV Comic from 1960 till 64 and remember the following...wasn't "the commisionaire" Bootsy and Snudge? This was a poular comedy show on ITV at the time. I also vividly remember Mighty Moth, Supercar and the Flintstones, (Unless my memory is fading!) A truly terrific comic, with great artwork. - Jonathan

Doctor Who appeared in TV Comic from 1964 to 1979, apart from a brief period from 1971 to 1973 when he was in Countdown/TV Action. Although some of the later strips were reprints with Tom Baker's head drawn over Patrick Troughton or Jon Pertwee's body. In 1979 Doctor Who got his own comic. Cover stars of TV Comic were Muffin the Mule, Sooty (drawn by Tony Hart), Noddy, Lenny the Lion, Popeye, Doctor Who and the Daleks (although the Daleks didn't appear in every adventure), The Diddy Men, and Tom and Jerry. Oddly enough the longest running strip in TV Comic had nothing to do with television. Mighty Moth by Dick Millington ran for 25 years from 1959 to the 1984. - Clive Huggett

This was my favourite comic. I read it from 1957 until 1966 - not as crazy as it sounds, since the publishers changed it, over the years, to appeal to older readers. Out went the likes of Muffin and Noddy and in came Dr Who and The Avengers. Free gifts were a rarity. The first ever dated from 1962/3 and were a packet of green coconut flakes (supposed to be Popeye's spinach!) and Popeye transfers. Later, there were picture cards of TV personalities, to stick in albums. In the early days, you could join the Red Ray club. You got a badge (I still have mine) and special red glasses, with which you could search for your membership number, in a jumbled area at the bottom of the page and win a prize. I never won! Red Ray was one of the stories which appeared in colour. I don't think he was ever on TV.- Bob

The TV Terrors were Cuthbert, Buttons and Monica. Despite being booted out each week they always ended getting the better of Hoppit. - Andre Stewart

I took TV Comic religiously from the back end of 1969 until about 1974. I remember Mighty Moth and TV Terrors very fondly (Hoppit was a dead ringer for one of my primary school teachers). My own favourite, however, had to be Texas Ted, which featured a tall, loud-mouthed, stetson-wearing character (Ted) who was apparently in the UK visiting his timid English cousin. The cousin addressed him as "Cousin Edward" and then had to endure Ted's infernal boasts that everything was bigger and better back home. Needless to say Ted always went too far, said the wrong thing to the wrong person and the strip inevitably ended with him receiving the mother of all twattings. Magnificent stuff! - Jack Myrie

I read TV Comic around I think 1982 to 1986 as I remember there being an A-Team comic strip which was a favourite TV show of mine at the time.

I am sure someone will correct me but I also seem to remember a letters page where there was a featured joke or joke of the week type competition. I remember submitting a joke which was published and I received a postal order for about 2 or 3 I think. - Rob Owen

If you have any other information on TV Comic please drop us a line.Drop us a line.




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