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Starlord issue 1 with the free Starlord Badge (right bottom) would be worth around £10 today.

In October 1978 Starlord joined with 2000AD.


Starlord was a more expensive 'cousin' to 2000AD with better paper and more colour.

The first strips were Strontium Dog , Ro-busters (of later 2000AD fame) along with Mind Wars :about a pair if psionically powerful human twins who are kidnapped by aliens at war with humans who want to use them against earth.

Time Quake about an 1970's Englishman recruited into a secret agency dedicated to preserving the timeline against an alien race, the Droon,who were altering time to make Earth weaker in the future so they could conquer it. - JumpingJohnFlash

Starlord was originally intended to be a monthy comic. At the time however, most comics were weeklies, and management at IPC considered a monthly schedule to be asking the readers to wait too long between issues. (In case they forgot to buy the next issue!)

So Starlord was hastily revamped into a weekly before its launch. Along with the excellent Strontium Dog and Ro-Busters, two other strips were quickly concocted; Mind Wars and TimeQuake, which probably weakened the type of comic that Starlord could have been. Sadly, the comic only ran for around 22 weeks, merging with 2000 AD.

Who knows; maybe it WOULD have been more successful as a monthly? - Lew Stringer

There was a summer special printed and two annuals 1980,1981.

Issue 1 had a free badge, but there were 6 different badges so if youve got a Starlord issue1 with all 6 different badges that'd be even better - iolo

My favorite story was THE SECRET MIND OF WOLFIE SMITH, about a boy with ESP powers, long before anyone ever heard of Stephen King's "Carrie" - Jimmy O'Beirne

I had forgotten all about this fantastic comic until I saw your site. For some reason, I had assumed that the characters I remembered most - Strontium Dog, RoJaws and Hammerstein, and TimeQuake - were from 2000 AD but that was only because of Starlord's short life. This was a superb comic and I collected ever single one (alas they are long gone!). I remember the Strontium Dog board game collected over four issues with the cutout round counters where you were either Johnny or 3 other aliens (one may have been Wolf) stranded on a desolate planet (maybe there was more than one planet!). Who can forget the jabber between Hammerstein and RoJaws - conversation was the order of the day between these 'droids whose job it was to clean up after major disasters. Hammerstein was a military fighting machine and RoJaws was a garbage collector/recycler. And TimeQuake - as a Doctor Who fan, I loved this serial and distinctly remember the first major story - Nazi Germany is in control of the world (or Britain?) and this has been effected by Martin Bormann, who is a member of the group who rule time (equivalent to the Doctor Who TimeLords). The newest member to join this group has to solve the mystery - Bormann's identity is not uncovered until the end. And I really admired Strontium Dog - a mutant (from effects of nuclear war) and outcast who journeys to planets/worlds to catch the bad guys. This was a highly enjoyable well written high quality comic and it will remain a classic. - Unitdoctor

Strontium dog game was excellent, but alas! I never got one of the parts!. There was also a kind of space battleships game with wipe-off sheets- different rules over several issues. Shame it merged with 2000AD. - Darrell Pavitt

Just came across your site as the memory of Vulcan comic popped into my head and I wondered if it had really existed or I had just dreamt it so I thought I would do a search. Your site has brought back many great memories from my childhood and I now know that Vulcan did exist !

Vulcan was the first comic I ever bought and I had every issue, even when it merged with Valiant. I initially bought it for the really cool spud gun. I was familiar with Robot Archie, The Spider and The Trigan Empire because of Lion and Look and Learn but I had never seen Kelly's Eye or The Steel Claw before. I stuck with Vulcan and Valiant until a new sci-fi comic came on the scene - 2000AD and the rest is history really. I did buy Starlord when it came out too and got that as well as 200AD (it did save me some money when the two eventually merged). Starlord always struck me as a slightly more mature version of 200AD and I loved the stories. The badge I got with my first copy was 'Robot Regiment Commander'. I remember the games mentioned too.

I did collect all my comics and kept them in boxes. I had all of 200AD up to about program 300 but I swapped them all with a friend for a load of model soldier stuff (something I have always regretted). However, I still have all my Starlord magazines which I kept in a binder. The quality of the comics are still ok (a little dog eared and they do have holes punched in them because of the way they were stored) but it is great to revisit them now and again. My favourite stories were TimeQuake and Strontium Dog and I did like Planet of the Damned too which was a Bermuda Triangle/Alternate world survival story. Looking back on them, the stories are all quite dark and mature for their time (Planet of the Damned included cannibalism, for example)and there is a sexual element to some of them too, especially the artwork which is a little risqué, even by todays standards, especially as the comic was aimed at children. Not that that ever bothered me !

Anyway, just wanted to share my thoughts and say thank you for putting all those comics up to view. It was a nice trip down memory lane. - cheers, Rob Wallace

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