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The editorial in Scream was called "From the Depths ...." and the editor was "Ghastly McNasty".

Comic strips in Scream included: The Dracula File, Monster and the Library of Death.

In the bibliography section you can link to a full screen Scream #1 and the free gift of a beautiful set of "Dracula Fangs" that came with it.

A must see for all Scream fans is Tim's site www.backfromthedepths.co.uk

Hi there fellow friend of ghostly mcnasty....... I discovered scream when I was 'just a wee lad' by buying no.1 for the groovy green fangs, thought it was MUCHO fantastico and bought them all (brain's been full of stoker,B-movies,comix etc since my time in the womb). what a bummer when I went down the newsagent one fine morning and nice old Mrs whatever said it was deceased! anyway, I've still got the full set and am interested in valueing, possibly to sell etc....but as you mention, it's almost as if SCREEEEAAAAMMMM!!!! never existed (god forbid). any advice, info or just plain scream waffle would be much appreciated. - gezburn@hotmail.com

I can't believe that there are other people who still think about 'Scream'! Fantastic! I too bought the full set (including the Summer Specials) and had the fangs from issue1 and the spider from issue 2. Sadly, I no longer know where mine are. Afriend of mine used them years ago for some research on comix / graphic novels, and since then i haven't clapped eyes on them. Anyway, good to see i'm not the only one that remembers. Keep screaming. - Jo Barber

Hi Scream! fans, Just wanted to put my complements in about the fantastic Scream comic. It is still a really good read, there hasn't been anything like it since. If only it could have continued, if I were Bill Gates, I'd pay anything to get the original team to continue where they left off! - Mike

It was only recently that I began thinking about the great comic I started to buy in 1984, and was gutted when, like gezburn, Jo and MIke my corner shop owner told me it had been stopped. I had all the issues but have sadly not kept any, my favourite strip being The 13th Floor.

Does anyone know what happened and why they stopped it, were we the only four people to know about it's short but fulfilled existence, maybe it's was a conspiracy as it was too good, and if more than four youngsters read it, they would loose the faith of a whole generation, or they just run out money!

Anywau great to know there are people out there still pining for this great piece of comic history. - Bones

I too had the full set of Scream (having blagged the first issue minus fangs from a disappointed friend) I kept all the issues for many years but have lost rack of them now. I do recall a friend telling me that scream became incorporated into another comic in a sort of "Whizzer and Chips" way. Can't recall what that comic was, sorry, but it would appear that there was life after death! - Michael

Hi, I seem to be the only girl who loved Scream. I think it was cancelled because to many mums complained to the publishers because of its graphic depiction of gore and violence, or so I remember. It merged with the Eagle which I then bought, until all the original scream stories ran to an end. - Liz

No Liz! you weren't the only girl to like scream. I too religiously bought every edition and hid them under my bed and scared myself shitless every night, until my mum found them and threw them out. I have mourned the loss ever since and would love to re-read them. When I saw the front page on 26Pigs, I could remember every detail! Well done. - Tosca

Hi there, as far as i know scream was cancelled because of the Mary Whitehouse brigade, i mean there had never been anything like it before (i learned to read looking at this comic, it was incredible) just how mothers felt with their kids staring at these 'horrible pictures' i can see this being the case because my newsagent had some complaints about it so he stopped stocking it before it finished but carried on ordering it for me.

Scream joined with the 80s eagle and MONSTER and 13th floor continued, this wsa about 1986 because the specials produced (mainly reprint) had sold incredibly and the stories had been paid for already. - Tony

I too bought my first copy of scream for the free fangs, I read the copy and ended up loving it to bits, i'd save up my pennies for every issue and would be down at the newsagents before it even opened waiting for my copy. When i was told they had stopped publishing it, i was heartbroken and even wrote to the company to ask how i could find out what happens to monster!! It was a brilliant comic and i still haven't found out what happened to it. - Dato Khan, Sheffield

I would just like to add a few words to the many other fans of Scream Comic.

I too thought it was one of the greatest comics and started collecting from issue 1 but unfortunately only got to issue 5 as my newsagent didn't get any further issues. I later found out that it only ran for about 15 issues - had I known this I would have trekked the further mile to another newsagents to continue the collection.

I don't think it was any censorship or complaints that caused it to stop otherwise comics like 2000AD would have stopped too. I think it was like many others just not selling enough and, yes, it did eventually merge with Eagle (another great) but sadly this was about the same time that I supposedly grew up and started purchasing more serious literature. The mistakes we make when we look back!

Anyway, I still have the first 5 issues tucked safely away and have seen the first issue on Ebay for 20 and a full set for 30. So quite a steal for that price - should be worth quite a bit more in another 10-20 years. - Rob Dewick

Scream is also of note as not only does contain work by a number of top 2000AD artists that has never been reprinted anywhere else, but the 'Monster' was also some of Alan Moore's earliest work. - Tony

I was a massive fan of scream when I was a kid, I remember my brother and I going to the shop for sweets and seeeing the first issue on the shelf. We both got a first copy each and from then we collected every one including the holiday specials. I found them all at my parents house a couple of months ago and they are as good as I remember. We have 3 issue 1's and then all the rest that go upto the mid 30's. - James

Like most of scream readers I thought I was the only one.... The characters made more people go goth than they have credit for. Because of my love for the comic and graphics I ended up being a cartoonist designer too. - Darwin DarwinianTheory Design

My set of Scream comic plus all but one (128!) of the Eagle/Scream merged issues have just been advertised on Ebay. - John Adams

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