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15th October 1983

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I'm emailing about School Fun. I used to read it religiously when I was at primary school in the mid-80s. But ofcourse it never had enough readers so it was eventually incorporated into the Buster, and all the good stories slowly vanished.

I can't find a thing about it on the internet. If I'd known when I was a kid how rare it was to become, I'd never have given all my old copies to that Christmas bazaar!

All I still have are a couple of holiday specials, containing a few of the good stories such as Schoolditz and School Belle. What I remember really put School Fun on the map was all the cut-out "school signs" they had in the earlier issues..... our house was covered in them at one stage, but my mother has long since repainted and thrown them away.

I liked reading School Fun's own serialisation of Grange Hill in the earlier issues, too. Can you put me onto anybody who will discuss School Fun memories with me? I would love it if somebody would start an online group.

Broke my heart when that comic died.

I just remembered that when the School Fun merged with the Buster, they held a competition to "celebrate".... I certainly wasn't celebrating, but I was one of seven lucky winners and the bicycle is still in the garden shed!! - Barnaby

I did not buy School Fun, but I read it because I was really fascinated by two strips, "E.T Teacher" and "Schoolditz." I do have a few odd issues now.

The first strip concerned an alien, Mr Freeky, who gets stranded on Earth. He takes a job as an Earth teacher, but without any lessons into the ways of Earth, he is really on a learning curve. Yet school is a lot more fun with Mr Freeky around. When Freeky returns home in the last issue of School Fun, he leaves behind the "best school in the universe" on Earth.

"Schoolditz" was about a schooltrip to Nazi Germany. When the war breaks out, the pupils, headmaster and teachers become trapped and they are imprisoned in a fortress. Lessons soon become a cover for an escape committee. The plans usually founder because the headmaster keeps putting his foot in it. Ironically, it is the headmaster who saves the day when the pupils' plan founders in the last issue. He forces the Commandant to fly them all to London at gunpoint, with the pupils singing "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow!"

Other favourite strips included "Creepy Crawler," which speaks for itself. After the merge with Buster, Creepy joined "Young Arfur," a savvy schoolboy who you could always count on to find a dodge out of schoolwork.

"Softy Sir," a wimpy teacher who always managed to come out on top. After the merge, "Softy Sir" was teaching

"Walt Teaser." Walt was always finding somebody to tease, but his victims always end up having the last laugh.

"School Team," of Chumpion School, a school which has never won anything. The school team are to fill the school cabinet with trophies and somehow or other, they always bring back a trophy. "Time Bus," which took its school pupils back in time. The time trips include making the Tower of Pisa lean; the pupils helping out their teacher when he was their age, and bringing Christmas joy to their school when it was a workhouse.

And there is "School Belle." Belle holds the record for longest-running School Fun character. She was still going strong, even years after the merge with School Fun. Belle, of course, was the school glamour-puss. She was always surrounded by drooling hunks, the geeky Nerks, and her jealous rival, Grotty Glenda, was always scheming to get one over Belle. - Briony

I pitched this to Bob Paynter in the early 80's to coincide with the beginning of my teaching career. I picked the brains of a lot of Cannock kids to see what they'd like in a comic, and groups of them produced their own comics as class projects. The result was nothing like any of us envisaged, being another Whoopee - alike, but it must have been a thrill for the children to see some semblance of their own ideas in print. I'm glad someone enjoyed it. It didn't last long enough to get going, really. - Graham Exton

I had the rare distinction of having a picture published in School Fun when I was in Primary 5 or 6, I can't quite remember which. It was a cartoon of "Sport Billy", a kid with a schoolbag, black eye and a bandage on his face. It was of course in homage to the popular TV character "Billy Sport" but I craftily managed to pass it off this thinly-veiled act of plagiarism as all my own work. I can remember going into school the day it was published. My teacher and classmates knew about it but I had yet to go to the shop to buy my own copy and be absolutely overjoyed at seeing Sport Billy in print - all the more so, as Tony Hart, God rest him, persistently neglected to show any of my scribblings in his Gallery. However, having Sport Billy published in School Fun more than made up for the weekly disappointment meted out by the venerable Mr. Hart! A few months later I received a transparent plastic pencil case in the post containing pencils, rubbers, pencil sharpener etc., with "School Fun" proudly emblazoned on the side. It surprised me somewhat that they took the idea of "School Fun" so literally, but then again, it was more than I ever got from that Tony Hart one. - Michael

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