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4th February 1978

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IPC Magazines


The lead in story of the first issue was 'The Cult of the Cat' based on a Egyptian cult of cat worship.

'Nightmare' was the weekly 'horror story' but readers were warned that they should 'not be read at night!'.

This image is from 'Moodstone' about the adventures of 'moody' Cathy Salmon.


"Hey, what are you lot up to?"

"P-please, No - No!"

"It's Julie's birthday, Jan. We thought we'd give her a treat ... a guided tour of the Sentinnels!"

"Idiots! Don't you know Julie's best friend and her family disappeared in there."


Briony's Corner

Other Misty stories included:

Black Widow (The) - the very first Spiderwoman story. Mrs Webb starts out by avenging her husband's death. She certainly shows more subtlety and brains here than she does in her rather campy performance in the Tammy & Misty sequel. There is a saying that 'revenge is a dish best served cold' and Mrs Webb serves it very cold to the Major General Bullivant, who was responsible for her husband's death. Bullivant is an obnoxious, loud-mouthed, bullying old git. "I'll have no trade unionism here. I give the orders and you obey is that clear?" He yells at poor old Seaton whom he lumbers with the humiliating task of walking his dog. Mrs Webb steals the dog and slips it with a spider. When the spider bites Bullivant, it shuts the loudmouth up with a paralysis which leaves him mute. One certainly has to cheer Mrs Webb for shutting up the bullying Bullivant, but one must remember that she intends to conquer the world as well.
Four Faces of Eve (The) - Misty's answer to "Frankenstein." Eve Marshall is trying to unravel her true identity, but she seems to be the bits and pieces of four dead women.
Hush, Hush, Sweet Rachel - a girl finds she is the reincarnation of a four year-old called Rachel who died tragically in a fire.
Journey into Fear - Kevin and Janice Frazer become pawns in an evil car's game to relive its past as a gangster's car. After an enforced criminal rampage Bonnie-and-Clyde style, the car forces the Frazer siblings to be drowned, as the original criminals were. But the Frazers escape (guess you can't go back) and the car ends up smashed - but could yet rise again as someone else takes a shine to the wreck...

I have been having more reflections on Misty’s merge with Tammy and why so many found it disappointing. I have already commented that I believe the first problem was that Misty lacked regulars, which make all the difference in how well a comic does in a merge. I also believe that another problem was that Misty was an off-beat comic merging into a mainstream comic (not a good combination, I believe). From what one reader said, Misty’s counterpart “Spellbound” did not do too well after she merged with Debbie (lost her bite and got all twee, or words to that effect). I myself know nothing about this merge, so more information could be useful if we were to do a comparison. Misty might have done better if she had merged into another girls’ horror comic, but of course there wasn’t one.

However, looking back on the Tammy & Misty merge, I think Misty left more of a mark than I originally thought. We didn’t see much of Misty in Tammy but she did have an effect on Tammy. I remember 1980, the year Misty merged with Tammy, being a dark one. We got heaps of complete stories with bite, horror, and unconventional endings. We also got more variety in the artwork, with Misty artists appearing in Tammy. Of course this could not last. Gradually the Misty elements faded and Tammy became light again.

However, Misty got one last chance to shine, ironically, during the Tammy & Jinty merge. There was one story where popular demand had Misty coming out of her Cavern of Dreams for what would be her last appearance in Tammy, but the feature I am talking about is the feature called “Monster Tales”. That has GOT to be Misty – Tammy and Jinty don’t run features like that. My favourite Monster tale was a gargoyle monster scaring two bullies into changing their ways. Other favourites included a fire-monster saving a woman from being burned at the stake and a sea monster turning the tables on two cruel Victorian freak show owners by taking them back to his world and putting THEM in a freak show. Other tales included a man-eating plant (gotta have one of THOSE!), a possessed oak tree, another sea monster getting revenge on some ship wreckers, a car getting revenge on a crooked mechanic and a nosy girl ignoring one “Keep Out” sign too many and opening the gates of hell. Briony

(Briony is our resident expert on UK Girls Comics from the 70s and 80s - 26pigs)



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