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Lily's Pink Drink

Lily Miller wanted to get rid of her freckles and when she met Professor Gudge it seemed her ambition might be realised...

Guess what happens next?

Jill's Gentle Giant

Jill Johnson had always wanted a pony. Now, after years of saving and with some help from her parents, whe had enough money to buy one.

Jill want's to buy the drayman's cart horse 'Big Tom' but her parents take some persuading.

Briony's Corner on Mandy and Mandy & Judy (MJ)

MJ was the merged comic from "Mandy & Judy" and it was unlike other merges, where one comic gradually absorbs the other. Mandy and Judy actually formed an entirely new comic. Some of the features included carryovers from Mandy and Judy, which were:

Mandy/Judy classic: This section reprinted a classic from Mandy or Judy.

Glenda the Guide from Mandy. Girl Guide Glenda Gardner's attempts at winning badges always land her in the soup.

"Skeleton Corner from Judy. Spooky stories as brought to you by - a skeleton. Since the storyteller was a skeleton, his stories often had an edge to them, a la Misty. Some of Skeleton's stories included: A girl who turns into a giant bee because she eats too much honey; a ghost tour which is run by the ghosts themselves; a girl who longs to fly, then finds it a curse when she can't stop; uses for gates - keeping things IN as well as OUT.

A purely MJ feature was "Penny's Place." "Penny's Place" was a cafe in Chesterford run by Penny Jordan's family. Stories revolved around the cafe, Penny's school, her schoolfriends (Gemma, Arlene, Donna, Sita and others) and their domestic lives. When MJ merged with Bunty in 1997, "Penny's Place" carried over into Bunty, brought to an end, and then brought back as a repeat, starting with episode one.

"Penny's Place" was illustrated by one of the most popular of all the girls' comics artists - Guy Peeters. Peeters' style has been very popular for science fiction stories in girls comics and he drew the Jinty classics "Land of No Tears", "The Human Zoo", "Worlds Apart" and the Tammy classic, "E.T. Estate."


Comic strips from Mandy in the 1970s included:

The Sorrows of Laughing Anne (1973?) - When Anne Foster unknowingly laughs at a witch, the witch retaliates by putting a spell on her. Anne now has a loud, hideous, uncontrollable witch's cackle that is getting her into increasing trouble. It finally gets to the point where Anne's father decides to send her away, so Anne must act fast to get the spell lifted.
The Guardian Tree
(1975) Again a story for survival in Victorian times. When Rose Shaw and her siblings are orphaned, they find a new home in a cave under a tree which seems to be their guardian angel.
The Mystery of Mavora
- Shirley Duffield and Mavora the mermaid
Very Important Pupil - Lynne Williams had been the most insignificant pupil at Cramley House Boarding School, until she was caught in the rays of an exploding meteorite!
Hockey Hannah
The Girls of Knock-Out Academy - The islands of St Kate's and St Binnie's were separated by a mile of water. Once, each island contained a thriving boarding school - but now the pupils at St Binnie's were completely without neighbours.
Thingummy - from Klork, one of the nations of the planet Mars.
Friend of the Lonely - Susan Holmes helps lonely people.
Father Must Go Free! - Set around 1746 two children help their father find freedom after being arrested by the Redcoats.
Jenna on the Run - Jenna the gypsy girl is being trained in athletics by the blind Duchess.


No Pity for Paula (1978) Crippled Paula Travis is being forced to beg for her cruel relatives - who are very far from poverty-stricken.


Hard Hearted Harriet (1979) Harriet Bond has only months to live, so she must find homes for her siblings. To make them want to leave her, she pretends to be hard and unloving.
Who is Judy Parker? (1979) Judy Parker senses that the cruel matron of "the Towers" orphanage, Miss Kent, knows something about her mysterious past. It soon becomes apparent that Judy is facing some kind of danger as well.



Hard-Hearted Harriet (1982) - Harriet can no longer maintain her charges, so pretends to be hard-hearted to make them willing to leave her when she finds new homes for them.
Friend or Foe?, We Belong Together, May the Best Girl Win, Terror Toys - (1989) - I know nothing about these stories beyond the blurb.
I Can't Stand my Sister! (1989) - Jan and Chris can't stand eachother - and now they find they're sisters!
The Double Life of Dolly Brown (1989) - Victorian girl Dolly Brown is being blackmailed into participating in a fraudulent sideshow.
Polly's Perfect Mum - Polly Gordon persuades her mother to enter a "Perfect Mum" contest, only to regret it. When Mrs Gordon wins, life becomes difficult for the rest of the family as the Perfect Mum becomes determined to turn them into the "perfect" family.
Lucy's Loving Cake - Lucy Davis makes a cake from bewitching flour and whoever eats a slice from it becomes extra "loving" - at least, for a time.
The Truth About Wendy - Wendy Ware is to all appearances a sweet, beloved girl. However, there is always someone in the background who knows differently. In flashback, the person of the week recounts how they have fallen foul of this sneaky schemer. Wendy has hurt them, used them, blackened their names, in order to get her own way "but who will believe me? Only I know the truth about Wendy" they always conclude bitterly.


Dorinda The Doll of Doom – Debbie Soames receives a doll which can tell the future – very ominous future.
The Guardian Tree – Mandy’s best-loved story-in-type is retold in pictures. In Victorian times Rose Shaw must take care of her siblings after her parents die of influenza. The nasty workhouse beadle, Matthew Crowe, is eager to snap up the younger Shaws, but the family finds a new home in a cave under what they call “The Guardian Tree.” Naturally, Crowe mustn’t find out. Eyes for Mary – Mary Tremayne is going blind, and is training her dog, Shep, to be her guide. This is unheard of in Victorian times and Mary is meeting strong opposition.
Little Miss Icicle – Joanne Blake loses three loved ones in one week. She vows to freeze her heart into ice so it will never feel such pain again.
Lucky – The adventures of Lucky the Cat.
The Secret Song of Kate Darby – Kate Darby is searching for her long-lost brother, Ted, and earns her living by playing the accordion while she searches.
Simon – Three-year-old Simon is having strange, destructive fits, and Tania is getting the blame for everything he does. It turns out that Simon is being manipulated by aliens.
Slaves of the Mill
– Jane March works in a horrible mill, but does her best to make life easier for the others. But there is a secret in Jane’s past, and once the overseer suspects it, Jane’s life is in danger.
Space Dog U2
– Robot dog U2 escapes from a starship during an exploration of Earth. He takes a liking to an earthgirl and ignores the starship orders to return.
The Truth About Sandy Starr – Stand-in Sandy Starr arranges the accident of the leading actress in a new film, and takes her place. But now Sandy’s accomplice is blackmailing her, and added to that, she is being harassed by anonymous letters.


A Horse for Holly – Holly Reed must win a big race or lose ownership of her horse. “Beware of Beryl!” – Scheming Beryl pretends to lose her memory to get in with a film star.
April Fool – April Matthews is being blackmailed into helping nasty Shirley Kingsley being star of the school – at April’s expense. Mr Kingsley is threatening to withdraw the money in Mr Matthews’ business, which the family needs for a vital operation.
A Switch in Time – Kyra from the year 2084 goes to 1884 as part of a school project. But she has an accident and ends up stranded in 1984. How can she get back?
Aunts at War!
– Jill Marsden finds herself in the middle of a battlefield between her feuding great-aunts. All attempts to sort them out fail – until their quarrelling causes Jill to have an accident.
Bad Luck Barbara – Hatred and persecution greet Barbara Petty when she and her parents move to the village of Wavertree. The villagers believe Barbara to be descended from the village witch, Old Mother Petty. According to legend, Mother Petty laid a bad luck curse on the village; so now Barbara is being blamed for any bad luck. But her parents will not take her away because they keep underestimating her problem.
Beth and Boy Georgie – Georgie Hope Foster enters a pairs skating competition under a boy’s name with Beth Dawson. This was just for a laugh, but things get complicated when they are forced to carry on the deception when their deception gets them to the next heat.
Big Bad Sister! – Jane Walker and siblings have been fostered, but Jane feels that her foster sister is taking over from her.
Bonny and Belinda
– identical twins Bonny and Belinda are dismayed when only Bonny is adopted. Bonny smuggles Belinda into the house where they take turns enjoying their new life.
Caesar and Cleo – Cleo Payne is left all alone in the world except for her dog Caesar.
Copy Kate!
– Kate Thomas feels that everybody except her has something they are good at. She starts copying more successful people - with disastrous, and hilarious, results.
The Courage of Honour Bright – Honor Bright falls foul of Aunt Betsy, a female Fagin. Aunt Betsy wants to turn Honor into a criminal, but Honor is determined to defend her honour to the last.
The Double Life of Julie-Ellen
– Julie-Ellen Jones can’t decide between two boys so she pretends to be twins to date them both. (Janey, isn’t that called two-timing?)
The Homecoming
– Janey Wellson returns to her real family after learning she has been stolen from them as a baby. But the adopted son, Richard, resents her and…in the end they sort things out and become friends.
Little Horror!
– Dianne Moore has fallen for Paul Peters, and in order to get him to notice her, she concentrates on his little brother Terry. But Terry is a horror, and his tricks always get Dianne into trouble. In the end Terry goes too far, his conscience bothers him for the first time in his life, and he owns up. However, Dianne has now noticed another boy and thinks about using his little brother to get closer to him … (some people never learn).
Mary’s Moneybank
– Mary Lyall is a spendthrift until she is given a manikin moneybank which seems to have a weird effect on her whenever she saves money.
Meg Among the Slaves – Meg Jackson is an apprentice seamstress at Hamble’s. While Hamble is away, the manager and his sister, the Joneses, ill-treat the apprentices, especially Meg. Meg runs away, but comes back when she learns that the Joneses are cheating Mr Hamble. Can she unmask them?
My Dad Next Door – Karen Walton pretends the dashing next-door neighbour is her father because she thinks her own is boring.
Perri – Rosanna Lee’s father gives up the gipsy life and becomes a farmhand. But Rosanna finds herself bullied at school and her only friend is a fawn called Perri. But Perri has to be kept hidden.
Secret Star! – when pop star Jeff Collins loses his voice, his twin sister Jodie agrees to secretly take his place until he recovers.
Shed No Tears for Tammy – Cindy Brown learns that her friend Tammy North has a fatal illness, but she does not want Cindy to know.
Sleeping Beauty from the Stars – Banished to the penal Planet Peutridd because of her mischievous ways, an alien beauty queen instead lands on Earth, and is awakened from deep sleep by a kiss. She becomes a model, “Stella Saturn”, but danger looms when her home planet, Xerox, discovers her whereabouts (would you believe they watch Earth TV?).
That Bad Bettina! – The Carrs foster Bettina Dickson, who was once accused of shoplifting. But their daughter, Susie, resents Bettina and is trying to get rid of her – even going as far as to start a fire in her own bedroom.
The Many Faces of Moppet – Janette Johnson rescues a doll. The doll puts on many faces, each one affecting Janette’s moods, and getting her into trouble.
The Posy Princess – Jill Bailey is treated like a servant by her relatives. She enters a competition to win a trip to New Zealand, and find her Aunt Kate. But her nasty cousin Marilyn is in the contest as well, and will do anything to make sure Jill doesn’t win.
The Tribe at Number Ten – Carol Rogers vows not to let her widowed mother get too involved with a widower and five children.
The Truth About Mum – When Mrs Morris returns home after an accident, she starts telling tall tales, then losing the memory of them. Her daughter Lucy covers up for her because she does not want to be separated from her mother again – but this causes problems for Lucy.
Too Many Mums! - Julia Casson has a problem with her mother, stepmother and Aunt Joyce. A twist on “too many cooks.”
Topsy Turvey – Topsy Turvey is sent an aborigine witch doctor’s pendant, and finds that the pendant can turn upside-down the personality of anyone else who looked at it e.g. make a lying cheat tell the truth.
Very Important Person! – Jill Jordan takes second place to her sister Mandy. Then a great aunt dies, and leaves a fortune – but with the stipulation that any expenditure be approved by Jill. Now the family treats Jill like a VIP - but there is scheming afoot.
Wedding of the Week – Kay Harper runs a feature, “Wedding of the Week” for the local newspaper.


Daughter of the House (1990) - When Sharon Welch's parents die, she finds there has been a mix up at the hospital, and now comes to live with her real parents, the Gowers. However, Janice Gower, the other mixed up baby, is convinced Sharon is trying to push her out.
Roll-along Roma (1990) - the story of a roller skater.
Whispering Shell (The) - Dawn Fenton finds a mysterious sea shell that whispers messages in rhyme to her.

1991 - Mandy & Judy (MJ)

A Home for Helen - Helen Grant is staing with her grandmother after her parents are killed.
Cat! - A cat exerts an evil influence over Livvie Clarke.
Frankie from the Film - Is a screen figure actually coming to life?
Malice in Wonderland - an amusement park turns into a nightmare for Becky Shaw.
My Cousin Quacker - a witch turns Kate into a duck in retaliation for an insult. High jinks ensue as Cousin Sally and her friend track down the witch to remove the spell.
Pam of Pet Parade - Pam Bruce is keeping animals in secret to save them from being put down.
Rita - Rita Barraclough is determined to break a record at any cost.
Selfish Susan - Susan Smith has been temporarily deaf after an illness. When her hearing returns, she keeps it a secret so as to continue getting preferential treatment. Eventually a classmate sees through her and exposes her deceit.
Sharing Starlight - Cousins Patti Mills and Sarah Blake inherit a pony, Starlight. Unfortunately the cousins hate eachother due to a family feud, and poor Starlight is caught in the middle.
Sisters in Secret - Jackie Munroe and Alison Brown are half-sisters, but the trouble is, their mothers hate eachother.
They Must Stay Together - Debbie Smith is trying to save her friend's family from separating.

1992 - Mandy & Judy (MJ)

A Switch in Time... - a magic sundial causes a girl from 1891 and a girl from 1991 to switch places.
Baker's Dozen - Louise Baker has to protect her puppies from horrible relatives.
Behind the Green Door - Maidservant Emily Dove is hiding her siblings in her attic bedroom to save them from a horrible orphanage.
Charlie's Story - (This was not a story in its own right. It was one of the stories told as part of the serial "Girls of 3C.") Charlotte "Charlie" Reid was a one-day pupil at Millmead. She had her heart so set on another school that she was determined to get expelled. This she does by breaking the Head's vase (an anniversary present from the pupils). However Charlie soon finds the other school is a mistake - "Nobody talks to me here because my dad doesn't have a title. They're a load of snobs. I want to leave." But her parents have remortgaged their home to pay for her fees, so "the rest of my school days were miserable." Charlie has taken advantage of the school reunion to slip a replacement vase into the Head's study.
Copycat! - Chrissie is such a copycat.
Diary of Despair - Karen Kemp is on a campaign of revenge against the bullying pupils and teachers who made her sister's life a misery.
Door to Yesterday - Timetravel to 1967.
Fran's Four Friends - What's going to happen to the horses if the stables close down?
Ghost Writer - Tina Baxter is hopeless at writing until she acquires a strange typewriter.
Girls of 3C (The) - flashbacks of school days at Millmead School Reunion.
Girl Who Hated Horses! (The) - Why does Tracey Perls have a problem with horses?
Hannah and Herbie - Amnesic Hannah is trying to find her past.
Johnnie Who? - Jonnie is really Princess Jonquil - the Sleeping Beauty!
Jinx (The) - anything nasty written in a book called "the Jinx" comes true. Rhea destroys the power of the book by writing "this is the final entry."
Kids Galore - Jenny Harbin has secret playmates.
Lady Lucy - Lucy Lamford is determined not to be turned into a lady and starts leading a double life.
Lonely - Anna Jackson is looking after badgers.
Marge in the Middle - a "three's a crowd" story.
Mary's Mini Mum - an accident with a chemical formula makes Mrs Myers shrink whenever she gets hot.
Mask (The) - Dorinda Lacey has to wear a mask because her face is so ugly - or so her guardians claim.
Many Faces of Moppet (The) - Janette Johnson starts having problems after a doll called Moppet arrives.
My Mum - My Chum! - Becky Brown is trying to snap her mother out of depression after her husband leaves.
Nola Knows
- Problems when Nola Handley's powers of precognition develop.
Number Thirteen - Sally Reid loves Number 13, but nobody else does.
Our Baby Brother - problems with a newborn brother and his jealous sister.
Pet Corner - another secret pet story.
Rescuer (The) - Vikki Brantwood is trying to make amends for neglecting her pony by rescuing others.
Rosa's New Friend - there is something strange about Rosa Mason's new friend who appears to be her guardian angel.
Sarah's Secret - Sarah Roberts is determined to be fostered all by herself - by fair means or foul.
Sorry, Sue - spiteful girls who cause trouble for a foster girl/cousin are a frequent story theme, but this is one rare story to explore the aftermath. Janie Clarke now regrets the way she has treated foster-girl Sue Grant, but she cannot convince Sue of her good faith - especially since her efforts always end in disaster.
Strange Neighbours - Tracy Wilson is puzzled with her neighbours.
Summer of Fear - Is Treetops Boarding School haunted?
Tessa Goes to Town - Tessa Mercer's separated parents have her alternating between town and country.
Us - Plus Boys! - Best friends are drifting apart.
Wendy Out West - Ranch life in America.
What Lila Wants... - is to get rid of her cousin, Sarah Peterson.

1994 - Mandy & Judy (MJ)

Between Friends - Best friends fancy the same boy and each is finding it difficult to break the news to the other.
- the life of pupils at Tower Hill Comp. "Emma" Emma Forrest is stuck for an idea for a raffle.
Cuddles - the adventures of a teddy called Cuddles.
Cutting Edge - Amy Jackson is trying to get Cheryl Boyd sacked from the hair salon.
Double Take - Toni Dayley thinks that everything that happens to her is also happening to the Baileys.
Fast Fido - a computer dog comes to life!
Hands Off! - A crusade to save the Youth Club.
Happiness House - Laura Willoughby is determined to find out why Happiness House has become a jinxed cottage.
Home, Sweet Home - Claire Maxwell is caught in the middle of her separated parents.
I Hate Boys! - Maria Atwell is annoyed her younger brothers are allowed more privileges than her.
Neil Next Door - Lisa Norton becomes bored with her boyfriend after he becomes the boy next door.
Nurses - the saga of first-year nurses.
Sara's Secret Garden - Sara Stanford can't handle living with a noisy family, until she finds a neglected garden.
Second Hand Sal - Sal Edwards has to keep the fact that her mother is now running a used clothes stall secret from her friends.
Stage School - Nicky Carr is accepted into an exclusive stage school, but is peeved that conceited Gavin Mellor has been accepted as well.
Taking Tara's Place - strange things start happening when Beth Maynard is fostered in the wake of the death of Tara.
Terry's Troll - Terry Clarke and her friendly, cheeky troll.
Two Plus One
- Katy is Dave's girlfriend, but then she meets Tony. A three's a crowd story.

1995 - Mandy & Judy (MJ)

All Change! - Twins Lucy and Lisa Clayton have their lives turned upside-down when their parents split.
Deceived! - Diane Carlton makes the cardinal error of getting involved with her best friend Amy Davis’ boyfriend, Gary. Diane is now caught in a horrible two-timing trap. Can she find a way out of this mess before it destroys her friendship with Amy?
I Hate You! - Unhappy at her new boarding school, Gail Jenkins writes to her parents begging them to return from abroad. A plane crash leaves Dad dead and Mum comatose. Gail blames herself because of the letter and her sister Sue turns against her for the same reason. The rift between the sisters becomes ever-wider as Gail’s attempts to mend their relationship invariably go wrong. In the end, it turns out that it was all for nothing because the letter comes back: “address unknown – return to sender”.
I Want Him Back – Zoe Elder is determined to get her boyfriend back – and her methods are not very honourable. Zoe doesn’t get him back, of course.
Revenge! - Alison blames her sister Emma for her injured leg because Emma innocently asked Alison to switch places with her in the car moments before it crashed. So Alison secretly causes trouble for Emma, but in the end she realises that she is being ridiculous.
Rhona’s Rescue – Rhona Anderson sets up a rescue for sick animals.
The Girl for Gareth – Michelle Taylor is trying to match her brother Gareth up with the perfect girl – but the perfect girl is proving elusive.
The Lonely Pony – Cath Watson’s horse Brantub shares a paddock with Camilla Baxter-Smythe’s pony Desert Sands. Unfortunately Cath can’t stand Camilla because she is such a snob – but things can change.
Toni’s Troubles – Mum suddenly returns after walking out years before. However her daughter Toni, who has been raising the family since Mum’s departure, is secretly trying to get rid of Mum because she is convinced that Mum is up to something.

1996 - Mandy & Judy (MJ)

Mystery Boy – Jo Evans and Carol Smart set out to unravel the mystery of new boy John Smith (which may not even be his real name)

1997 - Mandy & Judy (MJ)

Be Nice to Nikki - retitled reprint of the 1989 Judy story,
Be Nice to Nancy - Yvonne Baxter is under strict instructions from her father to be "nice" to his employer's daughter. However the girl is a vicious bully, so being "nice" to her is a nightmare. But Yvonne's father won't listen.
Eye Spy Trouble - a girl fakes blindness while causing trouble for her cousin.
Here to Stay - A nightmare begins for the Walkers when visiting relatives come to stay. The visitors are soon taking over the house and coming up with devious ways to prolong their stay. When the Walkers finally realise that these "relatives" are really con artists out for a free meal ticket, they beat a hasty retreat. Last word goes to Mr. Walker: "I wonder who they'll be living with next?"
He's Not For You!" Martin's snobby sister disapproves of his girlfriend and tries to split them up. She even goes as far as having the family swimming pool wrecked and blaming the girl.
It's a Dog's Life - Lisa Thornley is being blackmailed by nasty Vera Gibson, who is threatening to put her dog in the pound.
Let Me Be! - Gaynor Wood is caught in the middle of squabbling grandparents.
Pine Tree Grove - the story of a TV soap.
Soap Suds - Sally Gibson is exasperated with her relatives who copy everything they see on a TV soap to ridiculous lengths.
Whodunnit? - Actors in a detective theatrical drama become real detectives after someone wrecks the props.


Other strips included:

Angel - Victorian lady Angela Hamilton has only a year to live. After faking a drowning accident to spare her parents the grief of watching her die slowly, Angela goes to London to dedicate her remaining time to helping the poor waifs of London as the benefactress "Miss Angel." When Angel finally succumbs to her illness, her parents, who have discovered the truth, set up a children's home in her "loving memory. Angel was so popular that she spawned a sequel "Angel's Diary" and several appearances in the Mandy annual.
Bad Luck of Barbara Petty (The) - Barbara Petty is accused of being descended from the village witch, Grandmother Petty, in a village that still believes in witches.
Bullied! - (Mandy & Judy) - This story really brings the message home: If you are being bullied, TELL SOMEONE! Avoiding school is not the answer, as the victim in this story finds out.

Everyone's Perfect Mum (date unavailable) - Kay Maxwell, star of TV soap "Garden Square", is the most popular personality in Britain as "everyone's perfect mum." Only her cruelly-treated stepdaughter knows what Kay is like in real life.
Hateful Heart of Limpalong Mandy (The) & Lying Eyes of Linda Lee (The) - both these stories feature a spiteful girl who is pretending to be disabled while causing trouble for a nice, unsuspecting girl.
Hateful Hattie (date unavailable) - Hattie Taylor is despised by the other girls of a cruel orphanage because she curries favour with the staff to get preferential treatment. They are unaware that it is Hattie's cover for her other persona - "The Angel Ghost," a mysterious benefactor who helps alleviate their hard life.
I Hate You! and Revenge! - (Mandy & Judy) - Sibling relationships become embittered when one sister mistakenly blames the other for a family tragedy.
I Want Him Back! -(Mandy & Judy) - A girl's bid to win back her boyfriend, notwithstanding the fact that her attitude had driven him away in the first place.
Jealousy of Jemma (The) - This story went through THREE innings: Debbie, Mandy and MJ (Mandy and Judy). Julie believes she is being terrorised by the spirit of her twin sister, Jemma. However it turns out her scheming relatives are plotting to have Julie committed. Moreover, Jemma turns up alive at the end of the story.
Picture-Book Polly - Polly is an avid reader of the girls' comic "Candy" (no prizes for spotting what that rhymes with). Polly's attempts to copy the antics of the characters in Candy always ends in disaster, but she finally learns it is better to be herself.
Quiet One (The) - (Mandy & Judy) - Danni is a vicious bully, but pretends to be nice and shy while bullying in secret.
They Call it Aggro-batics! - The Cluffs and the Martins are feuding families (for no apparent reason). The daughters from each family are compelled to work with eachother at their acrobatics class - then find they work well together. But can they work equally well to end the family feud?
Valda - one of the most popular Mandy regulars. Valda is a mystery super-girl whose Crystal of Life gives her eternal life and strength. Valda uses her powers to come to the aid of others.

Wendy's Web
- (Mandy & Judy) - Carol is determined to help her friends, who are being blackmailed (with false information) by Wendy Allen.
Who Hates Steve? - (Mandy & Judy) - Nicola is investigating who is playing tricks on her boyfriend, Steve. It turns out that Nicola is faking everything in a misguided, possessive bid to hang on to her boyfriend.

(Briony is our resident expert on UK Girls Comics from the 70s, 80s and 90s - 26pigs)



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